Some of Longoni pros


The international Longoni Pro Team fills a wide spectrum of billiard disciplines: carom, three cushion, five quills and pool. Thanks to their feedback, we were able to improve the technical quality of our cues and provide our customers with the highest standard of equipment.

Our players hold multiple world, continental and national titles to their names. It defines our Longoni ‘boys and girls’. In Italian: ‘ragazzi e ragazze’, it’s the way we call our pros.

The Longoni Pro Team sponsorship policy is quite strict and especially in the last years we reached our maximum capacity. For this reason, it is very hard to join our programme.

The way is to be introduced by a member of the Longoni team: this works much better than just sending your palmares. What we are always looking for in our brand ambassadors is positivity and sociable personalities with presence, people who are in tune with what is going on in the billiard world, a substantial palmares and are still actively competing.

​Sponsorship ranges from support with equipment and technical assistance to added financial support, depending on the capacity to generate sales.

​If you think you subscribe to our criteria and would like to be considered for the Longoni Pro Team, have somebody from the Longoni team introduce you. We will take your application into consideration.