The Longoni brand has always placed a constant focus on environmental policies and the protection of human resources. In particular, in the last 10 years, thanks to the development of new production techniques, it has been possible to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and to create a healthier and safer working environment.
The adoption of strict European and Italian regulations has led to careful monitoring of production processes, leading to use less toxic chemicals to both humans and environment, to use forest resources more responsibly and to properly dispose of company waste by encouraging recycling.

The company implemented the following schemes to reduce energy consumption and improve environmental policies:
- use and high percentage of FSC certified wood for sustainable use of forest resources
- from 2019 collaboration with certified companies (RETE CLIMA) for the reforestation of reclaimed urban areas
- use of biomass for heating production, painting systems and offices: zero use of hydrocarbons or derivatives
- total conversion to low-power LED lighting system
- installation of inverter systems on most engines to modulate energy consumption as needed
- use of paints and chemicals that comply with the strictest European and Italian regulations
- proper disposal of production waste through a specialized supply chain

To improve the worker environment and the health of those who work there:
- adoption of dust abatement systems for potentially carcinogenic hardwood
- use of modern vacuum systems proportionate to needs
- constant training and information to all company employees
- constant health check of each worker
- constant adaptation of equipment and technologies to reduce accidents and risks of occupational diseases
- Improving the heating of work environments for the winter months and installation of special systems for managing sunlight and heat peaks in the summer months

In our billiard cues, in addition to our passion to build quality products, you will also find all this!