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    luna nera BANNER

    Luna Nera is a graphite (unidirectional carbon) shaft developed by Longoni for pool and carom billiard disciplines.
    Thanks to years of experience in composite materials, the Longoni team developed a modern concept shaft with extremely low deflection and high power.
    Smooth and precise this shaft is available in different profiles to match different players' requirements.
    75 YEARS OF EVOLUTION in billiard world
    75 years of evolution are expressed in a revolutionary tool, perfected in every single detail:
    > extreme low deflection and high shooting accuracy
    > layered graphite with variable orientation for maximum strength, push and controlled elasticity
    > calibrated balancing
    > new polyurethane filling, maximum volumetric and weight uniformity. Soundproofing and better vibration absorption
    > mechanical components made with a very high precision CNC machine

    Due to the special materials and technologies used, Luna Nera shafts cannot be modified in any details including diameter:  such cases will void warranty.
    For a correct maintenance, not to compromise carbon fiber, clean your shaft using only NUVOLA dedicated product.
    Never use polishing products or abrasive materials on the fiber: dust release of carbon fiber may be harmful to your health.