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Since 1945, quality, reliability and product performance have been the Longoni family's precise objective to reach its customers all over the world.
A buyer needs the certainty of authenticity to live a rewarding experience of use, especially when it comes to sport and performance.
Authenticity also means investment security and the certainty of the quality of the materials that Longoni chooses for its products.
In 2019, the Longoni brand launched a partnership with Certilogo, a leading Italian company in the field of authenticity and consumer engagement.
Headquartered in Milan, the company has offices around the world and supports numerous leading Made in Italy brands in the luxury and fashion sectors.
The famous Blue Diamond billiard cue was chosen by Longoni as the first product to use the brand protection solution developed by Certilogo®, with the application of a unique identification code on each individual pack of 2 cubes; this type of protection has been extended to many other accessories ( mettere link a pagina accessori ) and to Longoni's top-of-the-range cues ( mettere link a pagina certificati nuovi con logo certilogo ).
The Certilogo® code allows anyone to verify the authenticity of the product, before or after the purchase. The service, which is immediate and easy to use, is available in ten languages on the website.
To authenticate your Longoni products, simply enter the CLG code found on the holographic label in the field below or photograph the QR code with your smartphone.
Always check that the site you are directed to is
Thanks to a few simple steps, you can live your authentic experience.
In the event of a counterfeit, will advise you on how to proceed and whether a refund is possible.

Longoni, an authentic experience from 1945!



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