Light on billiard table is essential for a top performance game. Is not only a matter of quantity but mainly of quality: light has to give volume to the balls, clearing doubts on distances, creating depth. A pro lamp has to give light to the table but not blind your eyes, it has be certified to be safe and has to use latest technologies to reduce consumption of energy.
Thanks to over 40 years of experience in billiard lamps production, Longoni has been able to include all these requirements into Compact and Nautilus models.
With the most innovative LED technologies they will impress you: they are available* for pool,carom or snooker. Both of them are being "made in Italy" in our plant with best electronic equipment and modern design.
Nautilus and Compact: light on your game not in your eye!
*not available in Us,Canada,Mexico,Australia


 Artlamp sizesweightlightn. neon/ledreactorw power mvolts/hzpack. sizepack. weightsuggested for
10290 205x31x6cm 11,3kg led* 200 - 64W 110-230/50-60 223x11x38cm 14,3kg
pool & carom
7' (198x99cm)
8' (224x112cm)
10291 247x31x6cm 13,4kg led* 300 - 77W 110-230/50-60 264x11x38cm 16,6kg pool & carom
9' (254x127cm)
10292 287x31x6cm 15,15kg led* 350 - 102W 110-230/50-60 303x11x38cm 18,7kg grand match
carom & 5 birilli
10' (284x142cm)
10295 320x31x6cm 17,6kg led* 400 - 116W 110-230/50-60 339x35x9cm 21,9kg
russian pyramid
& snooker

* 5500 LUMEN CR/80 - 4000° K (NATURAL WHITE)