PSX George Sarmas  ED. Current model
PSX George Sarmas ed lr

His cue weight*
19.75 oz
His shafts
His shaft tip
Kamui Black Soft

My first goal working as a coach is to take billiard players and make them billiard athletes, and then some of them champions. All of this, based on a 2 to 3 year plan . All results of my work with billiard athletes can be measured through titles and trough skill tests ( P.A.T ) , so that the club or the federation can see the results and the progress of the long term plan.

GERMANY ( Billiard Academy Dachau)
2003 – 2005
Certification of Billiard instructor ( Club instructor , Level 4 – Bronze Level )-
P.A.T (Performance Average Test) examiner – Level 4.-



Assistant coach for 1rst League Bundesliga team.(Dahau 1rst Team).
From volunteer – to assistant coach for Germany National Head coach. (Andreas Huber).
Owner of Billiard Academy (Greek Pool Academy), in the city of Patras.
Coach for 3 billiard clubs in Greece.
Produced Greek National Champions ( 1 in men division and 2 youth )
Over 2500+ hours of teaching, and over 400+ students up to 2011.
Training players of Greek National Team, for European Championship.
National Head Coach of C.P.B.F (Cyprus Pool Billiard Federation).



2005  E.P.B.F. Club Instructor Level 4 (Bronze Level) –
P.A.T. System 4th Level Examiner –
Certified Billiard Coach from Greek General Secretariat of Sports –
From 2006 he has his own “Greek Pool Academy” in a privet place in Patra.
More than 1000 of teaching hours at more than 250 players is his experience up to 2010.
Represented Greece as a player in the 2002 World Pool Championship. ( Cardiff – Wales )


For my certificates, letters of recommendation or any other information I am at your disposal
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