longoni JBR ferrules
The JBR™ ferrule is realized with an ultramodern thermoplastic material, especially studied for the billiard.
Longoni technicians decided to replace the famous CBR2 material because of different reasons. JBR ferrules are more resistant to impacts and they have a smooth surface for a more impermeability to the chalk.

They can be easily glued with the Longoni 977™ glue and they have been tested and used by the PRO players in the game.
The JBR ferrules are available in different sizes and lenghts in order to be adjusted to every different Longoni shaft.

pool 13 13 8 26
pool 14 14 8 26
pyramid 13 13 6 13
pyramid 14 14 6 13
carom 11 11 5 10
carom 12 12 5 10
carom 13 13 5 10
 Longoni standards
 7343 longoni jbr pool  Art. 7343
JBR Ferrule 
Pool regular and american
7312 longoni jbr pool slim   Art. 7312
JBR Ferrule 
Pool Slim 
 7290 longoni jbr pool break  Art. 7290
JBR Ferrule 
Pool break
 7345 longoni jbr carom  Art. 7345
JBR Ferrule
"S2-S3-S5-S20" Carom - 5 Skittles
"Serie Pro" (Pro, Pro2, Pro3, Pro4)
Best with

longoni glue colla 977 logo
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