3 lobite supporti1 X SITO LONGONICUES


I'm ordering my new Longoni cue. Are they all coming with the system installed ?

No, not all cues are delivered with the system installed. On the bottom of the page of each cue you'll see one of the following logo that will explain more:


You can get your cue with the complete system installed, including a 20cm HPG extension.

You can get the cue with the 3lobite system but no extension included.
The system can be installed but as extra option.
Can I install the system on an existing cue?

Yes, you can on every Longoni carom or pool cue: the only requirement is that the cue has not been modified in the rubber bumper.On different brands it's not always possible and it depends on the way the rubber bumper is currently installed. On some cues, the system inhibits the possibility of adding or removing weights. The setup job can be done just by expert technicians, using the original "installation kit". You can take a look of our dealer network at this link to have more information.



Can I replace the 3 lobite rubber bumper?

Yes,you can. The rubber that covers the 3lobite core system can be easily replaced.
Once installed the trilobite system you cannot go back to the old rubber bumber.



Can I install more than one extension on the cue?

Yes, the system has been developed for this. We warmly suggest not to install more than
two as it's not necessary. You can order additional extension whenever you need.

See this link for full code reference. 




Can I still install Longoni original weight system?

3lobite system has been developed to give the chance of easily installing additional weights (only the originals are allowed, art 14419) or removing the existing ones on every Longoni cue.