Therese Klompenhouwer

Masai  Current model

Nation: The Netherlands
Discipline: Carom


His cue weight*
510 gr
His shafts
His shaft tip

*without grip

Here’s my brief story about my billiard career:

I started with billiards because my parents owned a billiard room. I was around 7 years old when I started with Freegame. In 2002 ( I was 19) I didn’t like the Freegame anymore, so I started with 3cushion.
In 2004 I participated at the first World championship ladies and reached the 6th place.
I have won all the National championships ladies since 2004.
In 2005 I participated in the first European championship ladies and I became champion and never lost an European championship after that. Now I have 5 European titles.
In 2006 I was 2nd at the World championship. After that I was 9th in 2008 and 7th in 2012. (2010 no WC). Last year in 2014 I finally became World Champion!
Also in October 2014 I reached the main tournament of a World Cup, the first lady ever who achieved that. I lost against Blomdahl in the 1/16 final with an average of 1,666 and I was the nr 21 of the final ranking.
Im competing with the men for a long time now. I made it with the best 16 of the Netherlands (The Masters) 4 times and have many records as only woman between the men.
My average at the moment is between 1.000 and 1.150 in the leagues, but I played many tournaments above 1.200.
My goal is to improve and refine my game, so my average goes up and I can compete better with the men. And of course win as much titles as I can J

I really like my Longoni Masai. It is a beautiful design and I love the shafts. I play with S3 shafts, it gives me a lot of power, but also still precision in my stroke. The balance of this cue is perfect.

Maybe a nice detail about my career: My teacher has been Christ van der Smissen from 2004 til 2012. At the moment Raimond Burgman is my teacher.

Dutch titel in 2015.
Jennifer Shim International tournament 2015
Dutch champion women from 2004 to 2014
European champion women from 2005 to 2014
World champion women 2014
Nr. 1 World Ranking list women since 2010
21st place at the World Cup in Guri, Korea 2014
Participated 5 times at the Dutch Masters (dutch championship men)

2011 and 2013 Winner of the USBA Women Invitational tournament in New York, USA.
2013 Winner of the Femina Open in Belgium
2009 Winner of the Ladies Challenge in Antwerp, Belgium
Winner of 5 other Open tournaments for women


First woman who reached the Main tournament of a World Cup, Guri-Korea 2014
First woman who played in the highest league in Holland, the Eredivisie.
First woman who reached the Dutch Masters (dutch championship men)
Highest average in Dutch National championship women: 1,170

Personal records:

High run: 15
Highest average to 25 points: 2,500
Highest average to 30 points: 2,307
Highest average to 45 points: 2,045
Highest average to 50 points: 1,923